Rockingham Council of Bible Education

Rockingham Council of Bible Education offers elective classes in Bible education on campus in the high schools and on the Bible Bus in the lower grades.  rcbeonline.org

Rockingham Pregnancy Care Center

Rockingham Pregnancy Care Center is a pro-life organization supported by churches, businesses, and individuals  The center provides practical assistance to women facing an unplanned pregnancy as well as alternatives to abortion. rpccares.com

Mountain Mission School

Grundy’s MMS serves  as home to more than 200 kids in need, coming not only from Appalachia, but also from more than 60 countries worldwide. mmskids.org

International Conference on Missions

ICOM has been serving missionaries since 1948. ICOM is presenting THE CROSS BEFORE ME at the Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN. Dates are November 19-22, 2020. theicom.org

Deaf Missions

The mission statement of Deaf Missions is to effectively communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ with deaf people. deafmissions.com

American Rehabilitation Ministries

“Our mission is to bring the good news of salvation to those in prison.” arm.org

Christian Holyland Foundation

The purpose of Christian HolyLand Foundation is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the Holy Land, partnering with six pastoring couples who are all native to the Galilee region of northern Israel.  in their capacity as church planters, they serve both established congregations and ‘home’ churches. chlf.org

International Disaster Emergency Services

IDES exists to meet physical and spiritual needs of suffering people throughout the world in the name of Jesus Christ.  Disaster response, hunger relief, medical care, evangelism, and sustainable development projects are all part of IDES ministry. ides.org

The Voice of the Martyrs

“When Christians’ homes and churches are burned or when believers are attacked, beaten, imprisoned or killed, VOM responds with help, such as providing living expenses, children’s educational needs, relocation within their nation, vocational training and other assistance”. VOM has been serving persecuted Christians since 1967.  vom.org